About Us

A Video from our Founder, Stephen Beitler, about FreeYoga.TV

Our Mission

Yoga is a gift we wish to give to the world. We attempt to change the world one yoga class at a time. Instead of charging for our services, we wish to give you something from our hearts, and should you wish to give something in return, it is greatly appreciated. We believe that yoga has the power to change lives and should not only be for those who are lucky enough to be in the right cities and to have the finances to afford expensive yoga classes every day. A daily practice has a way of changing the way you look at the world, and we want to give the world a place to change it’s outlook. No amount is too small, as the smallest things in life add up to the biggest. A small thing, like taking a conscious breath before rushing into a decision, can change everything. A smile to a stranger on the street could lead to changing someone’s life. A hug truly given to an acquaintance can change someone’s day. And a dollar donated to a cause can bring a yoga class to someone who could not otherwise afford it, and bring them a moment of peace. That one moment of peace can grow and grow and grow, until we wake up one day to find that all of our moments, are moments of peace.

Love and Dream well,

Stephen Beitler

Charities we Support

AIDS lifeCycle   Campaign for Tibet   Children’s Muscular Dystrophy  Goodwill HRC FeedingAmerica  St. Jude’s

Class Schedule

Yoga at Play

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Where does my donation go?

I am a premium member, so why do some of my classes still have ads?

Each teacher decides individually whether or not they decide to upload a second video without ads for our premium members. We don’t want you to miss out on great teachers, so we include them in our video searches. If you have a class that you just love, send a request to the teacher and perhaps they will upload the class for you without ads!

How do I change the picture on my profile?

Your picture is actually the gravatar associated with your email address that you used for your account. Head to this page www.gravatar.com and you will be able to update it.