I am a free member… Where do I upload my videos?

You must first be upgraded from a “Free Member” to a “Yoga Teacher” by one of our administrators.  We screen each of our teachers to ensure that our students are getting great yoga classes, and not random videos or ads.  Please send us a link to one of your online classes along with your free membership name, and we will upgrade your membership to a Yoga Teacher ASAP!  You will then notice the dashboard link on your profile where you can upload your videos, bio, websites, and all those other fun things.   We look forward to your email.

Where does my donation go?

I am a premium member, so why do some of my classes still have ads?

at the end of your search bar as a premium member there is an option for “all videos’ or “only those without ads”

Each teacher decides individually whether or not they decide to upload a second video without ads for our premium members. We don’t want you to miss out on great teachers, so we include them in our video searches. If you have a class that you just love, send a request to the teacher and perhaps they will upload the class for you without ads!

How do I become a FreeYoga teacher?
Click here

I am a teacher and I need a little guidance, where do I go?

Click here and if that doesn’t answer your question, please send us an email

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