Thank you so very much, Stephen, for everything you do. By chance I found FreeYoga.tv at the beginning of this summer. I knew inside myself that I needed to cleanse and strengthen my body dearly as my Senior high school year is just around the corner. Every single day since the end of May I have been practicing yoga with you here on youtube and am happy to say I have lost 20 pounds through this “purification” and “rejuvenation”. I have come to realise that all of that weight lost was years of stress and tension being “detoxified” from my body. Never before have I felt so well and patient with myself and its all thanks to you and Free Yoga.tv. ^_^ I am looking forward to the coming years of health, ease, and strength. Namaste, and thank you Stephen Beitler!
Hi 🙂 I think this is my fave of your sessions so far. I wouldn’t say I’m fully depressed at the moment.. However, I have been into the depths of depression and back many times in my life before I got sober, and lately I’ve been in a place on the edge, where I know if I make a wrong move I could very well end up in a relapse, of both depression and addiction. Some people go to AA or NA, I practice yoga & meditation every day to keep sober. I also have a very physically demanding job, so routines like this one put me in the right place mentally, and also give me the energy I need before going to work. I have to say that your videos have greatly expanded my yoga practice, before following along with you, I wasn’t really tuning into my breath, but you make sure breathing is kept front and center by constantly reminding us of it. I also want to thank you for what you do. Yoga is an amazing lifestyle, and should not be limited only to people who can afford classes at a studio. Everybody deserves to be able to practice if desired, and people like you make that possible. <3 namaste
This was an awesome class.. and I have been to classes all over the world with some pretty epic Yogi’s. After a pretty long stint away from my mat, this was a wonderful mindful experience that has reunited us. Thank you Stephen. Om Shanti.
Stephen, please dont change your teaching style, it is obvious that you teach from your heart!  (momentous class for me, I was able to get into full mermaid pose for the first time! 🙂  xo
Dude !!! You are so frigging awesome , enlightening , and inspirational !!! I received the new class via email about 5 mins ago , and although I taught a marathon 2 hour class today , I just tuned in to listen to your Dharma talk . I love your honesty , your vulnerabilty , your openess , had a giggle with your Ujjayi breath , and even though I wont do the class now as I had dinner an hour ago , im so amped to sit down with you tomorrow and do this class. So till then , Namaste.  Laurence @ Chaitanya Yoga in Cape Town
One of the best yoga video I have seen so far..I wanted the real thing..not just exercise..yoga that actually connects you to yourself, your breath and at the same time is a pretty good work out…that does not put strain on the body. Awesome!
Stephen, you are awesome. This yoga class actually made me cry. So I’m happy I did it at home. When you said hug your knees and imagine your knees are someone in your life that you love. I imagined my 3 year old son. Then when you said that is how it feels to be loved by you. Love yourself like that. I actually broke down. It brought up some childhood memories of not feeling loved, which ultimately lead to some personal epiphany that made me cry. In a good way though. I usually don’t cry, and it is actually kind of tough to admit. I’m not unaware of the love yourself concept, but for some reason at that moment, with that analogy, I understood what it would feel like if I actually loved myself.
 Diana ZhekovaThank you Stephen, amazing ! I managed to do the poses through relaxation rather than “muscling in”, thanks to your guidance. I took my yoga to the next level, really really happy. Blessings.

Dan Tieken

Excellent practice! One of the absolute best I’ve ever experienced. Your guidance was clear, paced well and soothing. Thank you

Cody Chokhman

lovely teacher. coming back for more challenging yet invigorating routines.


Thx you so very much. Pls keep up the hard work
I cannot say good things enough about ur work.
it is so easy to follow and well instructed. there are lots of efforts and time you put in for sure.

Lauren Bloom

You have a lovely, peaceful voice, and offer a fantastic upper-body sequence! Thank you! Namaste.

Diana Zhekova

Thank you Stephen, amazing ! I managed to do the poses through relaxation rather than “muscling in”, thanks to your guidance. I took my yoga to the next level, really really happy. Blessings.

 Ainhoa Barriola

Thank you, Stephen. You are a very good guide 🙂

aap stam

unbelievable how effective this is.

benjamin drury

You sir, are a legend! Best yoga practice I’ve ever done. Especially loved the twisting half moon. Namaste!

Peter Edick

Very calming and remarkably clear for this novice

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