5 Day Yoga Retreat at Home! Day – 02 | Judgmental Yoga | Taha Yoga w/ Stephen Beitler

December 17, 2016
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Judgmental mind is something we all have; there is no getting rid of it.  That little voice that tells you how terrible you are, how great this or that is, or how boring your day is going.  It is that little voice that just won’t ever shut up.  Here is a practice of opening to that part of ourselves… like being there for a really annoying old friend.  Working with being honest with where we are, and forgiveness.

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2 comments on this video
  • Free Member
    📅 March 6, 2017

    I like it very much!! Thank you and after the classes I feel extraordinary well.

  • Yoga Teacher
    📅 March 7, 2017

    Wonderful! I am so glad you enjoyed and are feeling the journey. 🙏🏼🤗🙇🐉 looking forward to more along the way, aum tat sat, namaste, Stephen

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