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  • Free Member
    📅 July 30, 2017


    I did the 7 practices and I loved them!

    Day 7 is a must!!

    Thank you so much. I am eager to experience your next series of classes!


    • Yoga Teacher
      📅 August 1, 2017

      I am so glad you did all seven!
      It was such fun creating this series, and I have been utilizing it over the summer with my partner. Been enjoying the changes physically and mentally.
      The Patreon FreeYogaTV ( ) voted on our next workshop; and the winner was a Yin Yoga series on the eight limbs of yoga. Keep an eye out for it in the next few, and hope you will join, again! 😁
      So glad to be able to share this FreeYogaTV community with you all!

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