Chronic Pain | Hatha Yoga Class

March 22, 2015
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A lot of working through pain is helping our damaged muscles to feel safe again.  After a trauma, our muscles very protectively tense up, so as not to be injured again.  Our goal is to safely, slowly, open the muscles back up, one millimeter at a time, and let them feel safe again in this unfamiliar place.  Building strength helps our muscles to feel safe to open back up.

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  • Free Member
    📅 March 31, 2015

    Thanks a lot for this class Stephen. I learned a lot about Yoga doing it today!
    I liked a lot how you explained everything – What to do with the muscles, the joints etc. That was very nice! I would encourage you to keep that up. There is so much to take care about when doing Yoga – I always need a reminder 🙂

    It think class was very challenging, even if the postures were not “difficult”.
    I am doing Yoga now since nearly four months with you (regulary) and I still cannot make it through all the standing postures in your class. I get tired and have to put my knee down (especially in crescent pose). But, doing it the way today, I got even tired when my knee is already down to support me. That was interesting.

    By the way, when is that getting better? I feel I get more flexible, but not stronger…

    • Yoga Teacher
      📅 April 1, 2015

      Thank you so much for staying with me along the journey these last few months! I am so honored you have found a home on your journey.
      I am glad you got so much out of this class! We really focused on activating the muscles a lot during this class, instead of allowing the muscles to sit comfortably, so would make sense you got even more tired than usual.
      We each of us have such a different body makeup, but usually we fall into one of two categories in our advancement: gaining flexibility easily, or strength. Looks like you might find flexibility easier naturally. The strength will just take some extra time.
      I would suggest applying what you learned in this class to all your practices. Maybe even back out of some poses (as you are doing) and focus on activating.
      I love what one of my teachers said “With strength we have stability, with flexibility we have mobility.” So, think about building stability as you practice.
      Stay in touch!

  • Free Member
    📅 April 1, 2015

    Hey Stephen,

    thanks for your reply.
    I will try to include that into my exercise 🙂
    Tomorrow morning – next round!
    Have a nice evenening!

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