Consciously Fearless | Taha Yoga w/ Stephen Beitler

June 8, 2017
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It is easy to be fearless when we have nothing to lose. But, it is only by understanding what we have to lose that we can learn to be consciously fearless, instead of ignorantly fearless.
If we understand that it is possible for us to injure ourselves, but we do it anyway, then that is fearlessness. If we believe that if we could just do everything right, then we will not be injured or experience pain, and therefore we have courage, then we are delusional.
Yoga is not an immortality pill. And it is not a cure for the ups and downs of life. It is just a practice. A practice that we should do for as long as we continue to be confused about ourselves and our reality.
So, here is what I like to do with my confused, frustrated, or fearful energy, to hopefully make space for conscious fearlessness.

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