Control Freak | Yoga | Stephen Beitler Taha Yoga

January 19, 2016
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I was a control freak for such a long time.  It made me feel like I was strong and could handle anything.  But, of course, we are never able to keep control in a perpetual state, we must let it go.  So, let’s let it go with as much grace as possible, together!

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  • Free Member
    👤 jive365
    📅 July 14, 2016

    I am going through a very challenging situation in my life now and this class really showed me how much junk I have bottled up. By spending extra time in difficult asanas, there was no were to face but straight into the eyes of my frustrations. Not a pretty class for me, but all the more grateful because of the deepened self awareness. Stephen, thank you, thank you!

    • Administrator
      📅 August 23, 2016

      I love this so much! That kind of awareness is what we all strive for. There is a teaching that I love called ‘leaning into the sharp edges.’ We cannot do anything but sit with the things that make us uncomfortable. One of my favorite stories is of Turnga Rinpoche’s teacher who was said to be a master of leaning into the sharp points. When all the Tibetan monks were fleeing to India, it is said he was last seen walking calmly; straight toward China. Thank you for reaching out, and do stay in touch along the way. Stephen

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