Daily Routine for Back Pain | Hatha Yoga | Free Yoga

April 11, 2015
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This routine is specifically designed for those who would like to move away from chronic back pain! So often our back pain comes from not engaging our core, or our legs, and instead relying on our back to perform actions.  Let’s work through those old habits and start creating good habits of activating our core every day.  Highly recommended to do each morning.  Not necessarily for those with severe back pain, we have another class coming out soon for you.  This is for those with chronic back pain, not the sort of pain the keeps you from being mobile i.e. degenerative disks, slipped disks, or pinched nerves, this routine might be a bit to much on your body.  Please take it carefully if you would like to start building strength or wait for our “Extremely Gentle Yoga for Back Pain” class to be released.

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  • Free Member
    👤 DeGarf
    📅 April 21, 2015

    The routine work wonders for my lower back. Just one thing, i feel that it doesn’t really help with my upper back tightness.

    • Yoga Teacher
      📅 April 23, 2015

      I am so glad it worked so well for your low back. But, you are correct! This was specifically designed for someone who had sprained his low back and suffered from chronic low back pain. I should have been more specific. If only I could give everyone the world over privates, it would be so nice to help cater each individuals needs, but this is a good general overall core and upper body routine: http://freeyogatv.com/archives/videos/upperbody
      Eagle arms (one on top crossing in front either hugging yourself or reaching around to prayer) should help.
      Lower down chataranga, all the way. Right arm out to the side, bend the left knee and send the left heal around to open the right shoulder. Same on left.
      Hope that might help a bit for the upper back tightness.
      Stay in touch,

  • Free Member
    📅 October 31, 2016

    This class was perfect for my sore lower back and hips. Thank you!!!

    • Administrator
      📅 December 15, 2016

      Wonderful! I am so glad you are learning your own body and how to give it space to heal!

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