How to Get REALLY High | Beginner Hatha Yoga Clas | Free Yoga

May 8, 2015
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Being blissed out from yoga is one of the most wonderful experiences I think is possible.  I understand why people try so many drugs to achieve this state of bliss.  But the high you get from drugs will never compare to this.  It takes more work, but there is no “come down” from this bliss, there is no “Tying one on” or trying to find that “Soft Landing.”  You get to stay there, and bring that state of bliss into your life.  This flow organically came into existence thanks to a student wondering about this state and my holding space for her to find it.  I hope it helps you find it, too.
Thank you all for your wonderful support!

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  • Free Member
    📅 May 9, 2015

    this is one of the best classes i’ve attended (online or otherwise). sending love and light from Manila, The Philippines. thank you! namaste.

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