Stop Complaining | Yoga | Stephen Beitler Taha Yoga

March 13, 2016
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Does complaining really help anything? What is the difference between complaining and actually listening to the voice that is giving you support?

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2 comments on this video
  • Free Member
    👤 jive365
    📅 July 12, 2016

    This was a very challenging class for me both physically, but especially mentally. My frustrations bubbled out during the 1st extended pigeon pose. Stephen, you light sense of humor this episode was paired well with the intensity of this class. Thank you. Thank you!

    • Administrator
      📅 August 23, 2016

      I am so glad you appreciated it, so! One of my biggest lessons was that the greatest thing we will have along our journey is a sense of humor! Namaste, Stephen

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